I’m a Beta Male, and Proud of it

by lphawaii


Everybody knows that girls are attracted to confidence.  Chapter one of any dating book or  forum says that girls are hard wired, according to research, to be attracted to Alpha males, the leader of the pack.  The guys who are sure about everything, and charge forward with healthy confidence.

This may be true, but I think girls should consider the advantages of picking the Beta male.

Betas are more humble, good listeners, and more open to changing their mind if someone corrects them.

Now, most Alpha males at this point would object and say, “No!  We are open-minded, we can challenge our own thinking!”

But think about what confidence means.  It is full trust in one’s self.

I’m sorry, but I don’t have full trust in myself — and that’s a good thing.  I’ve been wrong so many times in my life, I basically accept it as my default position.  I would rather lose an argument and find truth, than win an argument but be wrong.

As for me personally, I’m Beta and proud of it.  I’m so Beta, I’m Alpha at being a Beta.  I hate planning dates, for example, because I really don’t care where we go.  So if I am going on a date, I will give that responsibility to the girl.  “Hey, I know this might not be conventional, but I want to give you the right to plan the date.”

Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, but hey, at least I’m me, and that is something I can be confident about being.