Joe Kent is Running for Congress!

by lphawaii



Yes, it’s true, I am running for Congress.  Please visit my web page above!

  • End the Jones Act

  • End the Drug War

  • Bring the Troops Home

  • End Government Spying

  • Legalize Competing Currencies, Including Bitcoins

  • End GMO Patents

  • Get Government Out of Marriage

  • End the Death Penalty

  • Free Whistle Blowers, Like Edward Snowden

  • Increase Wages Dramatically by Eliminating the IRS

  • No Favors to Corporations

  • Stop Printing Money, End the Federal Reserve

  • Save One Trillion Dollars by Cutting Five Departments (Energy, Commerce, Interior, Education, and Housing and Urban Development)

  • Free Market Healthcare

  • End the Two Party System

  • Shrink the Police State

  • Give Teachers and Principles Power, by Ending All Bureaucracy in Education

  • End the Office of Patent and Copyright

  • Pro Gun Rights

  • Stop Eminent Domain Abuse

  • Get Government Out of Agriculture

  • End Monopoly Privilege

  • Uphold Civil Liberties

  • Follow the Constitution