The Two Most Hated Words

by lphawaii


What are the two most hated words in the English language?  In my opinion?

Libertarian and Atheist.

And I happen to be both.

Atheist Libertarians are hated more than any minority group in the world today.  We score well below gays.  Probably lower than Blacks, Browns, Blonds, or any other color you can imagine.  In a recent survey, Atheists scored even lower than Muslims for most hated group in America.

Libertarians don’t fare much better, either.  I find myself to be more liberal than any liberal, and more conservative than any conservative out there.  It’s the absolute worst of both worlds.

Combining the words Libertarian and Atheist together is an almost deadly endeavor.   You’re sure to be hated by — almost everyone.

So it is a most unfortunate happenstance that I find myself accidentally agreeing with 100% of both Atheist and Libertarian ideas.  Believe me – I wish I didn’t!  If only I could turn my brain off – or if someone could just convince me that I’m logically wrong about all of this stuff, it would be such a relief!  You have no idea how much I wish I could think like everyone else.  Then I would be . . . popular!

But I my brain is destined to sabotage me, by thinking.

Try going on a date if your a libertarian atheist, and see what happens.  First of all, once the girl hears that you’re into politics – it’s all over.  Either she’s a liberal and she thinks you’re crazy, or she’s a conservative, and she thinks you’re crazy, or she doesn’t care about politics at all – and she still thinks your crazy!  In my opinion, most girls are liberal.  And that means if I happen to mention, for example, that I really love McDonalds, I lose a lot of points.

But then, try dancing around the topic of religion.  That can be easy to hide on a first date.  But the second, third, fourth, or fifth – sooner or later, it’s going to come up.  I can just imagine standing at the alter with your beloved, and then you say, “I do. Psst . . . by the way, I’m an atheist.”

Then, she’d say, “I don’t.”

I am a red flag, to most women.  In fact, I am about one thousand red flags, and they’re all waving in the breeze.

I’ve always found it puzzling why people have such a strong reaction against atheists and libertarians.  I think it’s scary to a lot of people, because they’re afraid that they might actually agree with something you say, and then they’d be ridiculed by society.

I see this all the time.

Someone will come up to me and say, “Don’t tell anyone, but I agree with 95% of what you’re talking about.”

Once you start thinking outside the box — it gets pretty lonely.  But when you find someone who agrees with you, it can be an emotional experience.  I still remember the first time I met someone who agreed with me about Ron Paul. I stammered, “Um, hi, my name is Joe Kent, and I’m a Ron Paul fan.”

She said, “Me too!”  I could’ve cried at that moment.  In four years, had never met a single person that had ever liked Ron Paul, and I finally felt like maybe I wasn’t crazy after all.

Just because a lot of people believe something is true, doesn’t mean that it is.  Taking the unpopular position is a thankless job.  You are deserted.  You’re kicked when you’re down.  But just because lots people hate your ideas, doesn’t mean squat.  After all, what if everyone else is wrong?  If history is any guide, popular opinions usually are.