by lphawaii


What’s the deal with guacamole these days?  I mean, I love guacamole too.  But I don’t LOOOVE it.  I just, you know . . . love it.  Lots of people are just going nuts over it.  Guacamole, avocados . . . suddenly it seems like everybody’s eating it.  In fact, I’ll bet just by me mentioning it, someone will buy it when they go to the market.  Avocado, avocado, avocado.  See, I just sold three more.

I work at a farmer’s market on the weekends.  People enter with a look on their face like they’ve just forged a path through the jungle.  “Where’s the guacamole?” I start to point to the cooler.  They interrupt, “No I mean, where can I buy some?”

“Yes, that’s what I’m showing you, right now.  You can buy some right there!”

“YES!” they scream.

They just run for those avocados.  I think it’s because avocados are classified as a ‘Superfood’, now.  The latest “Subway” commercial shows a girl eating an avocado sandwich, saying to her friends, “It’s yummy avocado . . . a super food.”  People see it as healthy.  Maybe they don’t realize how much salt is added to it when it’s in guacamole form.

The word ‘SuperFood’ is the latest buzz marketing term since ‘Atkins’.  Except this marketing term is more for the natural food crowd.  The SuperFood fad is about ranking natural foods that are already healthy.  And what is the number one ranked super food of all time?  What food sits at the top of all the lists?  Acai.

Acai is a dark berry from an Amazon palm tree.  It’s tasty and sweet.  It tastes just like any other berry.  At my weekend job, I make Acai Berry Smoothies for friendly customers.  It’s fun to jam all those ingredients into the blender and mix away, but some of the customers who order think that this little shake is going to save their life.  They want to add hemp, and whey, and spirulina, and bee pollen, and all sorts of pricey add-ons.  Some customers tell me about back pains, or weak joints.  They’ve got a lack of protein, and they’re starting to feel a cold coming on.  What can I give them that will help, they ask?  Sometimes I feel like I’m filling out a prescription!

I suppose it’s nice that people are ranking natural foods.  But who gets to decide which foods classify as super?  Go to Google, and type in “superfood”, and then type any semi-healthy food you can think of.

I tried, SuperFood strawberry, Up came thousands of websites that say “Strawberry is a SuperFood!”

Here are some others that I tried, just off the top of my head:

Onions – “This week: Onions may be considered a SuperFood!”

Olives – “The healing properties of olives, and why they may be the next SuperFood!”

Watermelon – “Summer’s newest SuperFood!”

Pizza – “SuperFood Pizza is made with nutrient-rich SuperFoods . . .”

I’m sorry, but I just think it’s kind of funny that so many things classify as a SuperFood.  Even Wikipedia states that “a SuperFood is an unscientific marketing term used in various contexts.”  I wonder if maybe one day Twinkies will classify as Super.  One can only hope.