Being Wrong

by lphawaii

Isn’t it funny how most people think they’re right about everything?  They walk around, spouting off their opinions, as if they are the chosen ones.  The ones who have all the answers.  How annoying!  It’s as if somehow they’ve just been blessed with perfect judgment.  They think they’re right about everything!

But we can’t all be right.

Someone, somewhere along the way has to be wrong about SOMEthing.  In fact, wouldn’t it make sense that most people would be wrong about a lot of things?  I mean, have you ever met someone who thought they were wrong about everything?  It doesn’t sound like a very fun person.  Maybe they have a low self-esteem or something.  They are always questioning their judgment.  Their decisions.  Their actions.  Always second guessing themselves.  Unsure.  Sounds like a loser to me.

But – I guess that makes me a loser, because I often think I’m wrong about everything!

All my life, I’ve thought, “But . . . what if I’m wrong?”  I still think that.  What if I’m wrong about everything?!  Sure, I subscribe to a lot of ideas.  But I question myself constantly.  I’m very critical of any idea I champion.  I want to make sure that what I believe really is true.

And even when I’m certain, I always look for more evidence.  I have no faith at all.

If I ever find out that I’m wrong about something – I rejoice!  What a terrific thing, to be proven wrong!  Now, I don’t have to waste my time believing wrong ideas.  I can focus on the right ideas!

Ideas need to be treated with caution.  Lots of people toss around ideas as if they are candies.  Sure let’s try this one, or let’s try that one!  But I think ideas can be dangerous, if we don’t treat them carefully.  Look at all the conspiracy theories that have popped up recently.  Everything from chem trails to Barack Obama’s birth certificate.  Conspiracy theories are important, because a few of them – A FEW of them – can sometimes turn out to be true.  But be skeptical, otherwise you’ll see conspiracies under every rock and tree.

But it’s not enough to just be skeptical.  It’s important to be open minded too.  To be curious.  Because, maybe you’re wrong, and they’re right?

The number one most attractive thing I look for in a girlfriend is someone who is skeptical, and open minded.  Forget about if they’re pretty.  I don’t care if they are the sexiest girl on the planet – if they are close minded, and if they think they are right about everything, I pass.  What a turn off!

But if a girl says, “Maybe I’m wrong,” I fall head over heels.  I am totally in love.  Because it means that down the road, we will be able to exchange ideas in a healthy way.  Each of us, both thinking that we’re wrong, searching for the truth, sharing ideas, being open minded and skeptical, looking for evidence, and searching for the rare and careful moment when we can finally assert that maybe, just maybe, we are right.