by lphawaii

I remember on the flight to the Republican National Convention, I sat next to a gentleman who was a democrat.  When he learned that I was a delegate, he asked, “So what do you think of Paul Ryan’s comments on rape?”

I replied that I had never heard of Paul Ryan’s comments on rape.  I felt really embarrassed.  The man on the plane said, “Well, aren’t you supposed to know all this stuff?  Don’t you watch TV?”

Then I told him that I didn’t have TV.

He was completely shocked.  “How can you vote if you don’t have a TV?!” he asked.

But then I told him that get most of my information from books, and listening to lectures on the internet.  He had to stop and think about that.  Books and lectures, huh.  “You know,” he said, “that’s probably better than watching TV anyway.”

That made me curious.  Did watching TV have anything to do with the way people voted?

I conducted a non-scientific experiment when I got to Tampa.  Everyone I met, I would ask them, “Do you watch TV?”  Perhaps it’s a coincidence, but every single Romney supporter would answer yes.  Many people who supported Romney knew all the television anchors, and co-hosts, and would excitedly try to get their pictures with them.  And every time FOX News was mentioned, everybody would laugh and applaud gleefully.

Now again, perhaps this is just a coincidence, but every single Ron Paul supporter I asked would say that they either didn’t have a TV, or rarely ever watched it.  They got most of their information from books, or the internet.

I remember one Ron Paul supporter, Nani, said, “Oh my God!  I just got done watching TV!  The horror!”

Of course, whenever any Ron Paul supporter tries to watch TV, the entire time we are thinking, “Why aren’t they mentioning Ron Paul?”  So perhaps that’s why we don’t watch.  But we also think, why aren’t they mentioning inflation?  Or the NDAA?  Or the Fourth Amendment?  Or blowback?  Syria?  Nullification?  The list goes on, and on.

Now I’m not saying that TV is bad.  In fact, I love television.  To just sit and watch, and let your mind just relax.  I wish I had TV.  But what is dangerous is when someone gets most of their information, especially about politics, from TV.  Because television has a way of making you feel informed, when it doesn’t really inform you that well at all.