“It’s a Free Country”

by lphawaii

When I was little, kids were always saying, “It’s a free country!”  Especially if they were bullies.  I remember some kid punching me in the arm, and then saying, “It’s a free country!” and I just had no come back at all.  He was right.  It is a free country.


Kids like the idea of a “free country”, because they are always being told what to do.  Don’t hit your brother.  Don’t steal someone’s lunch money.  Don’t run in the hallway!  Kids live in a communist society, where their lives are completely ruled by adults.  Sure they are taken care of, but they have very little freedoms.  So the phrase, “It’s a free country,” is like living in Never Never land.  For kids, freedom means anarchy.


And technically speaking, I guess freedom really does mean anarchy.  I mean, if everybody’s free, then we can all just do whatever we want, right?  But that’s not the kind of country I want to live in.  Lots of people think that because I’m a libertarian, I want to live in a world without laws or rules.  They think I want anarchy.


But if that’s “freedom” then I don’t want any part of it.  I don’t want to live in Never Never Land, where there is a constant battle of life and death.  I want to live under a government, run by adults.  A government that protects us, and gives us rights, like free speech, and private property laws.  I want to live under a government that strives to allow people as much freedom as possible, so long as they don’t steal from or hurt others.  That’s the kind of freedom I like, and the kind of freedom that bullies hate.