Is the War Over?

by lphawaii

Barack Obama said he will pull the troops out of Iraq.  That warms my heart.  But the problem is, he is replacing it with private troops.  But what is the difference between having public troops in Iraq, and private troops in Iraq?


According to Obama, even after all the troops come home for Christmas, we will still have 20,000 troops and private contractors in Iraq.  It’s a step in the right direction, but why not just pull everyone out?  Iraq is annoyed that we are occupying their country, so why should we continue to occupy them?


It’s kinda like, America says, “Hey we’re going to help you.”


Then Iraq says, “We don’t need your help, get the hell out of here!”


Then we say, “Okay, well, screw you then, we’re leaving!” but we keep our privatized troops there.


Then Iraq says, “WTF?!  You’re still here!”


Still, it will get Obama re-elected as the man who ended the war, and killed Osama Bin Laden.  Believe me, I am happy that the war is ending, and Osama is dead, but there are other, more important issues that I think Obama is neglecting to think about.