Did We Win Yet?

by lphawaii

This Veteran’s Day, let’s remember exactly what wars we are in, and why we are fighting.


Current US Military Involvements as of 11/11/11:


Iraq – 39,000 troops (Down from 166,000 during the Bush years)


Afghanistan – 100,000 troops (Up from 15,000 during the Bush years)


Philippines – 600 troops


Horn of Africa – 2,000 troops


Trans Sahara – 480 troops


Pakistan – Mostly drone air strikes.


Yemen – A new war.


Libya – Just ended with the death of Ghaddafi.


Uganda – Our newest war.


Israel – $2,380 million dollars in military aid


Egypt – $1,301 million dollars in military aid



Most of the countries have terrorists, or are going through a civil war.


I am glad that the war in Iraq seems to be ending.  Bush wanted all the troops out by 2011, and Obama seems to be following that plan.  Unfortunately, we are getting involved in several brand new wars, and ramping up our presence in Afghanistan.  It’s hard to say who the bigger war monger is, Bush or Obama.  Bush had more troops.  Obama has more wars.