Balancing the Budget

by lphawaii

I just balanced the national budget!  Congress is having such a tough time trying to balance the budget.  But if I can sit down and do it in less than an hour with nothing more than a calculator and the internet, why is it so hard for Washington?


Here is my breakdown of cuts:


–         Freeze spending across the board (Obama’s proposal).  Save $40 billion.

–         Education vouchers.  Save $90 billion.

–         Cut farm subsidies.  $30 billion.

–         Cut the housing department.  $53 billion.

–         Privatize energy.  $20 billion.

–         End the war on drugs.  $47 billion.

–         Raise the retirement age $93 billion.

–         Phase out Social Security by 2/3rds – 281 billion.

–         Cut military, focus on defense.  – 150 billion.


Now we have a $72 billion surplus!  Let’s keep cutting!


–         Decrease Homeland Security 9 billion.

–         Cut Commerce Department, and Offices of Patents and Copyrights – 11 billion.

–         Cut FEMA 8 billion

–         Fannie and Freddie reforms – 30 billion.

–         Cut oil subsidies – 100 billion.

–         Cut all remaining subsidies – 200 billion.

–         Privatize transportation (trains, planes, and subways). – 30 billion.


So now we have a 388 billion dollar surplus!


We can spend that money on whatever we want.  We could have free healthcare, or better education.  Or maybe we could just lower taxes for everyone, which would really help the poor and working class.  Imagine if your taxes were cut in half!  And keep in mind, I didn’t even cut environmental spending, or public knowledge organizations like NASA, NPR, and the arts.  There is so much waste in government.  It’s easy to cut.


And if there’s a pet project that you hold dear, like education, or Social Security, well, we have a pretty big surplus.  So you pick one item from the list and it wouldn’t do that much harm.  But before you delete an item, just remember that we could also lower taxes.  We could lower by a lot, and help everyone have more money in their pockets.  And history shows that when taxes are lowered in a market friendly environment, tax revenue increases.


This isn’t that far fetched.  Many governments cut, and prosper.  Our government would suddenly look very much like Canada, who cut enough to make a surplus, while still providing free healthcare.  But as long as people feel like we need the government to run every aspect our lives, we’ll never be able to cut anything.