by lphawaii

Lately I’ve been thinking about the abortion issue, and I have to admit, I’m a little confused.  Libertarians are split on this issue, and so am I.  Should abortion be legal or not?  I have no idea.


On the one hand, a woman should have the right to choose what she wants for her own body.  Libertarians believe in free choice, so it seems like an easy answer.  Adults can do whatever they want to do.


But on the other hand, libertarians believe in property rights.  And if a woman has an abortion, are they infringing on the baby’s property rights?  Who own’s a fetus, the woman, or the fetus itself?  If it’s the woman, then she is simply doing harm to her own body.  But if it’s the fetus, then she is infringing on that baby’s property.


If the baby said, “Yes, I’d like to be aborted”, then I’d be okay with it.  It would be consenting to death, just as in assisted suicide.  Or if you could convince me that the baby in a womb is not an individual yet, then I would also be okay with it — people are free to harm themselves.  But it does seem odd that a late abortion can be performed legally, yet killing a baby who is born early is illegal.


As far as abortion is concerned, I am just 50/50.  I used to be very pro-choice, but now I just flip and flop.  Some days I side a little more one way, and some days I’m a little more on the other side.  I’d like it to be legal because the tougher a decision is, the more it should be put into the hands of an individual.  But which individual?  The woman, or the baby?


Arguments like, “Don’t you know how horrible it is for the baby?”  or “Don’t you know how horrible it is for the woman?” are totally unconvincing to me.  Pictures of digusting operations and cute baby’s on billboards are just annoying.  The only thing I care about is what logically makes sense, and what fits with my personal philosophy of life and liberty.


But as serious as the abortion debate is, I think it ultimately does great harm because it distracts people from what I think are more important issues.  Issues like inflation, taxes, education, and regulations.  Because as long as we are going to encourage bringing more babies into this world, shouldn’t we first try to create a better world for them to be brought into?